Monday, May 1, 2006

Bring beauty into your day by visiting the Vietnam photography community


By David Gewirtz

A picture really is worth a thousand words, especially if you don't understand any of the words. We recently received a letter from Pham Thanh Long, telling us about his Web site, the Vietnam photography community, what he claims is the largest photo Web site in Vietnam.

While we're unable to verify his claim that is the largest such site in Vietnam, we can certainly tell you that there are some astounding photographs on the site, like the one shown in Figure A.


There are many beautiful photos on the site. Google manages to reach everywhere, doesn't it? (click for larger image)

The Web site owner tells us, "This is the largest Vietnam photography Website for amateur and professional photographers. Members can upload photos, create their own galleries, vote and comment others photos, discuss about photography in forum. A must visit site before you go to Vietnam."

Of course, most of the site is written in Vietnamese. While most of our readers don't read Vietnamese, we can all understand and appreciate the photos. And isn't that just what connected photography is all about in its most fundamental form? Connecting, even across cultures and languages, through photos. Here's how it's explained on the site:

Members are from every corner of the World, with different life situations, different characteristics, and different concerns in life... but they have something in common: they have the same love for photography. Their love and hopes keep the torch in our hearts burning and bring beauty to our lives!

You owe it to yourself to take a look at, our Site of the Month for May. It'll be a wonderful visit.