Monday, March 1, 2004

Frame Fit will fit your budget


By David Gewirtz

Photos, once taken, wind up in many places. They can be emailed to friends, posted on the Web, stored in their original envelopes (that's how film used to come back to photographers), piled in a drawer, and framed and mounted on the wall.

One of my personal goals as a photographic artist has been to frame my pictures and decorate my home with them. In fact, before I got involved with Connected Photographer, that was my primary photographic end goal. If you've ever framed a picture, you know that frames can get costly. And, if like me, you have 10, 20, or 50 mounted pictures on your walls, it can get really costly.

I probably have about 30 mounted and up now, with probably another 30 pictures sitting in frames, stored under my bed, in my closet, on the bottom of my bookshelves. You get the idea.

No one ever said photography would be cheap, but at least there are some ways we can keep the cost down. My friend Steve recently turned me on to one way, Frame Fit (at, an online merchant that sells frames for pretty low prices.

FrameFit, shown in Figure A, sells custom framing components, and you can actually get a nice aluminum 10" x 12" frame for under five bucks! That's why we've named FrameFit our Site of the Month.


FrameFit is a good source for inexpensive frames. (click for larger image)

There are some things you should be aware of. The pricing is for the frame only. If you want a mat, a cardboard backing, or even a glass sheet, that will cost you more. Each item is priced ala cart. On the other hand, you can get very nicely fitted frames and mats, for very low prices.

I went into their configuration program, shown in Figure B, and configured up a simple 12" x 14" black frame, with a 2" border white mat, a rectangle of glass, and a foamboard mount, and the entire thing came up to $17.84, which, for a custom-sized mat and frame, is still pretty aggressively low.


The frame configuration screen makes for very flexible framing options. (click for larger image)

I haven't yet ordered anything from these folks, but I most likely will. And now, thanks to my buddy Steve's sharp eye, you now have a source for cheap frames, too.