Thursday, February 1, 2007

How having your own Web site can help you promote your photos


By David Gewirtz

Here at Connected Photographer, we like to bring you information straight from leading experts on various photographic topics. This week, I had the opportunity to interview Andy Patrick, a social entrepreneur and CEO of liveBooks, a resource for photographers. In this interview, we'll cover issues ranging from how you can promote your photography to how we can all save the planet. Never say we don't think big.


Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background

" cause organizations ... a positive impact on the human condition."

Well, I would say that there are several themes that have run throughout my life. One is that of an entrepreneur, another being my passion for photography and over the past fourteen years or so I've been actively involved in the development of social cause organizations striving to make a positive impact on the human condition.

I'm currently the CEO and President of liveBooks. When Michael Costuros, the founder of liveBooks, and I first started talking about my involvement with the company, I was taken by our similar passions and commitment to building organizations based on trust and integrity.

We share a vision for building something greater than beautiful Web sites for photographers. Our goals include the building of long-term relationships with photographers that help them grow their businesses, become more efficient, get better clients, and expose their creative genius.

During the initial dot-com era, I led the growth of a company called Adjacency. We built award-winning e-business Web sites for companies such as Apple Computer, Patagonia, Virgin Megastores, Esprit and Nordstrom, Rollerblade and LandRover. Adjacency was acquired by the public company Sapient in early 1999.

On the social activism side of things, I was the founder and Executive Director of the Mad Housers of Chicago which built small living units for homeless individuals, and was a founding board member of the highly successful magazine StreetWise, which has sold over $10 million in copies by homeless individuals, 75% which goes directly to the seller.

In 2001, I founded FiftyCrows Foundation and committed my time and substantial resources to the support of documentary photographers and the distribution of their important photographic essays. In addition, I am a Founding Board Member of National Geographic Society's All Roads photography program which supports indigenous photographers documenting their own cultures.