Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to reduce stress in this crazy, crazy world

Not every stress will dramatically change. Some will change completely, others only marginally. You can always make a version 2.0 of any movie and reinforce your newfound composure. Re-watching the previous movies in fast mode will also reinforce the positive benefits.

Next time you notice stress coming on, try lightly touching your forehead again. Even without the movie, this will help you regain conscious, rational control and allow you to handle the stress better. Now when you watch the news on television notice how often people automatically and intuitively hold their foreheads while stressed. Unknowingly we have been using this hard-wired reset switch all along, but now you can choose when to activate it.

[One other hint: don't go holding your forehead in public or where you might be evaluated in a business situation. This is tool for you, but holding your forehead in, for example, a business meeting would show weakness. -- Ed.]

Larry Green is a certified kinesiology trainer and practitioner. He and his wife run the U.S. Kinesiology Training Institute in Chapel Hill, NC. You can learn more by visiting