Sunday, January 1, 2006

Life’s a bowl of photos

You might want to go with a larger bowl and a lot more photos. With size, the bowl's the limit. In fact, you'll probably like it best if you nearly fill the bowl. Leave enough room at the top for some amount of slosh, though. This way, you, your family, and your guests can reach in and grab pictures, without them spilling out of the bowl.

Denise thought it was particularly important to use a clear glass bowl. Obviously, you can use any bowl you want, but for some reason, seeing the photos in a clear glass bowl seemed very cool to her. You could also arrange photos on their sides, so you can see them through the sides of the bowl as well as the top.

Using a clear bowl makes it blend into the surroundings so it's almost as if it's not there. A clear bowl is an unobtrusive design element. Yet the photos themselves add a splash of colors and shapes.

When you get new photos, you don't necessarily have to bother putting them in an album. The photo bowl can be a fun, low maintenance way of displaying your photos.

If you're feeling sad or blue, reach into the bowl and grab a picture. A quick look at the people who love you is bound to cheer you up. It's almost like a game of pick a card, any card -- of your life.

The photo bowl can be great for parties as well. If you're having a party, put a Polaroid camera or two around the house. You or your guests could go around taking pictures and when the pictures are developed, throw the photos in the bowl. Don't announce it, just do it. It'll be a fun surprise for your guests.

For a more tactile experience, you can do a lot with scrapbooking scissors around the borders. This would work well with kids, or to just give yourself another way to connect with your memories.

No matter how you toss it, bowling for photos is divine!