Saturday, November 1, 2003

Megapixels and digital storage media

But, and now we introduce another nice feature of digital cameras, you don't always have to save your images at the highest megapixel size. Most cameras save images as small, medium, and large, usually corresponding to one, two, and three megapixel images. And most cameras allow you to save any given image at any given one of those sizes.

This means that our example camera could also save 128 or so one megapixel images on the same 64MB card. Likewise, it could probably store about 20 large images (1.5MB per image x 20 = 30MB). This leaves 34 megabytes for smaller images, or around 68 smaller images, for a combined total of 88 images.

See where I'm going here? You can choose the maximum megapixel size of your camera, but with judicious adjustment of both the size of the image and the compression quality, along with the size of your storage card, you have a wide range of picture storage options available to you.

Take care. Here's lookin' at you!