Thursday, February 1, 2007

20% off Software Cinema training products


By Denise Amrich

Hi everyone! Managing Editor Denise Amrich here from Connected Photographer Magazine. As you know, here at CP, we're always looking for special deals and opportunities for our readers, especially those that are exclusive just to those of you smart enough to be reading Connected Photographer.

If you've been reading the magazine over the past few months, you've probably read and enjoyed our wildly popular Photoshop Guru series. This series is made possible by the folks at Software Cinema and their team of expert trainers.

In addition to writing articles that can only be found here in Connected Photographer, the Software Cinema folks have consented to give every Connected Photographer a 20% discount off all their Discs and Workshop-On-Demand products. All you need to do is visit the Software Cinema Web site and enter the code CP207.

This discount is valid through the end of March, so don't dawdle.