Saturday, September 1, 2007

Eight not-to-be-missed photo opportunities in Jamaica


By Jessica McCurdy Crooks

Jamaica's natural beauty is well known and some areas are always on the must visit list of vacationers. In addition to the natural photographic spots, the island's rich history has resulted in great houses and other historic monuments that leave lasting memories with those who experience them. While some of the locations listed below may not be on everyone's list, they are worth exploring if time allows.

The island's history and natural beauty are beyond words to describe; you have to see it for yourself to fully understand. Each of the fourteen parishes has something to offer both amateur or professional photographers and anyone in between.

1. Dunn's River Falls

This is Jamaica's most famous waterfall. Rarely does a visitor come to the island and not take time to climb the falls. Located in Jamaica's garden parish of St. Ann, Dunn's River has a long and interesting history. When the Spaniards saw Dunn's River Falls they aptly named it Las Chorreras, meaning "the waterfalls" or "springs".

Dunn's River is believed to be the only waterfall in the world that combines a number of unique features. It is close to the sea and the waters actually flow into the Caribbean Sea. Visitors to the Falls only have to walk a few feet to take a dip in the Sea. Going into the Sea after climbing the falls causes an invigorating change in body temperature. While the falls leave you feeling a bit chilled, the seawater tends to be much warmer.