Thursday, December 1, 2005

Getting a RAW deal and curing those WMD blues, it’s all about the new year!


By David Gewirtz

Ah, reader mail. We just love reader mail. Some days, we're told we're living gods. On other days, we're told to do better. No matter what, opening the Connected Photographer mailbag each day is an adventure. In the spirit of the week between Christmas and New Years, with all of you opening brand-spankin' new cameras, we present another installment of our fabulous Letters to the Editor series.

Mel Lammers thinks we're lame

Mel Lammers, reading our coverage on bit depth, comments:

In Connected Photographer, the questioner stated he had a cheaper Kodak digital.. "No idea what my camera has as native depth -- cheaper Kodak which converts to JPEG internally -- but I think I only see 8 bits in the output files."
Moving forward in to other bit discussions and then recommending to this person that he shoot in RAW with no explanation of what RAW is and why he will need a MUCH more expensive camera, was a disservice to the letter writer. John Byers article on Bit Depth was good, but probably left the original letter questioner saying...what ????
Do better, we are reading.

Mel, baby, I love ya, but you're not reading enough. If you're not sure about a topic, you can always take a look in our back issues, at We've also published John Roling's fabulous Photography Basics article, "A RAW deal: Using the RAW image format". You can read it at

That said, we strive to do better each and every month. Stay tuned, I'm sure you'll find more exciting articles in 2006!

A sure cure for those WMD blues

Sometimes, we're just amazed who reads the magazine. Gary Niki, Senior Associate, Safety & Security, WMD/Terrorism Program at the American Red Cross National Headquarters Disaster Services writes:

A lot of times I just read your e-magazine and appreciate getting it, today I wanted to tell you 'THANK YOU VERY MUCH!' for the article "Great eBay photos with a $0.69 budget backdrop".
I really enjoyed it and appreciated the way you showed your expertise and skill by 'Showing us' how what may have appeared complicated and taken a lot of time to set up was done very simply by a true professional!... I love it!... Best wishes and keep them coming!... Thank you very much!...

Gary, you're more than welcome. You guys have the really tough job. We're just here, trying to help people learn a little bit more each week.