Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here come the judge, Barack’s BlackBerry, David does CNN, and more


By Joe Dolittle

Today has been an interesting day, and it comes on the heals of a week that's been an interesting week. There was big news in the battle to save White House email, an ongoing discussion about whether President-elect Obama can keep his precious BlackBerry, and more.

The boss, our very own Editor-in-Chief David Gewirtz, doesn't want to brag, so he won't tell you that he's been featured on four times in the last week, twice today alone. First, I'll cover the big news, which is the emergency order to preserve White House email issued by federal court in Washington, D.C. David got the news early this morning, and he broke a detailed story on the CNN site by mid-afternoon, as you can see in Figure A.


Here's a picture of New White House moving rules. (click for larger image)

You can read the full piece at New White House moving rules.

At about 9:00am, David's first piece landed on the AC360 home page, as shown in Figure B.


Here's David's article on the AC360 home page. (click for larger image)

You can read the full piece at What if Barack kept his BlackBerry?.

All of this started because of an Open Letter to President-elect Obama that David published in OutlookPower Magazine, which was later picked up by CNN.

Although we definitely got our share of hate mail over that piece, an analysis by Hollywood producer, former Special Operations and Intelligence officer, and CNN's Senior Military Intelligence Analyst Ken Robinson validated David's premise in Truth more important than the pain of discovery, also on CNN.

These are all important articles and I hope you'll take the time to read them. We're thrilled that CNN has picked up these stories and we're glad that many of the issues and concerns David has been talking about are able to reach a much wider audience.