Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Keep your kids safe through photography


By James Booth

Editor-in-Chief David Gewirtz and I were discussing child portraiture not long ago in the context of my daughter having school pictures taken both in the fall and spring. David (who doesn't have kids) thought this was a bit too frequently, figuring once a year was enough. But one of the reasons our school does this is so that parents have the opportunity to have recent photos of their children available.

Along with the pictures, the studio includes an ID and fingerprint card for identification purposes in the tragic event of child abduction. That way, all of the essential information law enforcement and search units need is readily available in one convenient location.

In the interest of public service and child safety, we here at ZATZ Publishing are providing our readers with a Child ID/Fingerprint Card in PDF format for easy download. This card has space for all the necessary identification data for your child, a place for a recent photo, and a fingerprint card. By printing the file on a single sheet of paper, front and back, you'll have the essential information easily at hand. If you take your child to your local law enforcement office, I'm sure they would be more than happy to fingerprint them on the provided card.

One final tip, black and white pictures reproduce better on a copier than color pictures, but law enforcement frequently prefers a color photo.