Friday, December 1, 2006

Looking forward to 2007


By David Gewirtz

Another year is coming to an end, which of course means another year is about to begin. Funny how that works. As the new millenia turns one year older, our thoughts turn to the happenings of the past year and wishes for the year to come.

In 2006, we published 192 original articles, brought you nearly 6,000 individual news items, and received hundreds of letters of thanks, along with the few obligatory pieces of hate mail. The letter sent in recently by Johan Venter is representative of what we're hearing dialy from readers like you:

Hey David!
Thanks a million for your article. I've had this Outlook reminder problem for sometime and it was driving me up the wall. I can't believe how easy it was to resolve the problem!!!!
Thanks again for helping without knowing you're helping, that's very noble!

Thanks, Johan. We definitely know we're helping, but letters like yours inspire us to keep it up.

This year, we tackled some very big issues. We recently completed a series on a little-known technology called broadband over powerline (BPL). We devoted more editorial space to this topic than any other independent publication. Why? Because as we learned more about BPL, we learned its deployment threatened police, fire, and even aircraft radio communications -- and it was destined for immediate, widespread use throughout the U.S.

We've covered problems with voting privacy and voting machine security, how to protect yourself against identity theft, and how to protect your computer from malware. As using and living with email becomes more and more challenging, we've been there to help you over the rough spots. We've spotlighted some of the most powerful email management tools and answered some of the toughest email usage questions you could send in. We've become your email survival guide.

In the enterprise world, we publish the best known and most widely read publications for IBM Lotus IT professionals. This year, we've really had the opportunity to focus on how all the "aftermarket" developers are making IT installations better, and, by extension, helping make business run more smoothly and more efficiently. We've gone inside the toughest tech and brought you interviews with the most influential players and thought leaders in the industry.

In addition to some of the most informative mobile technology-related articles you'll find anywhere, we provided daily news coverage of the announcements, happenings, and issues of import to mobile professionals, gadget fans, and highly-wired unwired consumers.

For those of you interested in photography, we published a number of very popular series including budget photo secrets, photo basics, and eBay photography, do-it-yourself wedding photography, your first digital camera, and more.