Friday, December 1, 2006

Looking forward to 2007

And, of course, all articles we've ever published are available online, at no cost, making the ZATZ Magazine Network one of the Web's largest independent resources for information about mobile technology, Lotus and IBM IT management, email-related information, and photography-related information, as well as knowledge, tips, and resources.

Each month, ZATZ brings you a wide range of fascinating articles in each of our publications. It wouldn't be possible to do this without the contributions of an important group of individuals -- our 334 authors and editors. Each author brings his or her own perspective, tempered with experience and expertise, to our readers.

It also wouldn't be possible to bring you all of this information and the incredible resources we provide without our sponsors. In 2006, the 36 companies shown in Table A sponsored the ZATZ magazines.

Table A: Special thanks to our 2006 sponsors
Advisor MediaMvalentShireburn
Automation CentreNovadataSoftquest
Bootstrap SoftwarePercussionSoftware Cinema
Burger KingPinpointtoolsSperry Software
DataVizPistolStarSwiftPage Email
Esker SoftwareProminic.NETSynaptris
Help SoftwareRIM (BlackBerry)The Crafty PC
IBMRSOutlookThe Learning Continuum
Logic SpringsRoyal CaribbeanThe Sphere

Let's give a great big shoutout to all these companies for bringing you this exceptional resource each week.

In 2006, we reached more readers than Vogue, Fortune, and Scientific American, combined. In our last reader survey, we learned that you, our readers, control or influence an office systems budget of more than $50 billion each year. Yes, that's billion with a "B".

And, so, fundamentally, it wouldn't be possible to bring you all this wonderful information without your help, your encouragement, and your interest. As we move forward into 2007, we know this partnership will continue and even more exciting things will happen.

Before I close up this end-of-year retrospective, it's important to talk about goals and resolutions. Even though the idea of resolutions seems overdone and over-exposed, don't underestimate the value of goal setting. For years, I've set goals for myself and for the business, choosing an overall theme for the year as well as individual, tangible, measurable objectives.

While a few of my goals still remain to be obtained, nearly all my dreams and ambitions have come true, from having the lifestyle I've always wanted to marrying the woman of my dreams. But just because I've met most of my goals doesn't mean I'm done. Instead, it's time to set new goals, goals that will take me even further. This is excellent advice for you as well. Goals aren't a chore. Instead they're a roadmap. Whenever you're faced with a decision, ask yourself if the decision takes you closer or further from your goals.

This simple check and balance, this look at the roadmap of your desired life, will transform everything. If you know where you're heading, you'll have a much better chance to get there. After all, ten years ago, ZATZ was just an idea that transformed into a series of goals, those goals into reality, and we're now helping millions of people like you in 190 countries all over the world -- and living our dreams. Happy New Year!