Saturday, April 1, 2006

Romantic picture effects don’t have to be expensive


By David Gewirtz

A few weeks ago, we published "A free program for creating black and white effects" (at In response to this, reader Savio Nino asked:

Black and white is fine. But I'm looking for something (hopefully free) that'll help me create romantic pictures for my wife. The less I spend on the software, the more I can spend on those flowers she likes.

Well, it's good to see Savio's a romantic, and we have just the program for him. We recommend you take a look at 2 Pic from Moor Computer Products. This program takes two images (one on the left side and one on the right side), and performs a wide variety of effects, including blends and filters.

As a test, we took two pictures from our trusty clipart collection and opened them in 2 Pic, as shown in Figure A.


We took a nice romantic sunset and a picture of a pretty woman. (click for larger image)

As you can see in Figure A, there's a series of tabs along the bottom. We tried a bunch of effects, but the one that generated the most romantic feel was on the Fade tab. We chose Radial, then hit the Start button, as shown in Figure B.


We'll do a radial fade (click for larger image)

You can see the result in Figure C.


We've created a very romantic picture. (click for larger image)

We've created a very romantic picture in a very short time, using a free piece of software. Ain't the Internet grand?